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Our Approach

Interested? We'd love to explain our approach and why it's successful!

At BeContent, we aim to establish a clear online presence through Social Media Marketing on Facebook and Instagram. We post 4 times a month, each accompanied by a boost or advertising campaign.


With Social Media Marketing, we focus on advertising and promoting products, services, or brands on social media platforms to reach target audiences and increase engagement. Conversely, Social Media Management involves managing and maintaining social media platforms.

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Since we deal with Social Media (both Marketing and Management) daily, we can easily take on these tasks. We achieve this by:


  • Using fixed templates that reflect the company's identity and ensure consistency in online appearance.

  • Utilizing a content calendar that plans at least a month in advance, creating a buffer for continuous presence.

  • Writing accompanying texts that resonate with the target audience.

  • Incorporating Call to Action elements in visuals and texts to prompt audience action.

  • Using appropriate hashtags to increase organic traffic, alongside ongoing advertisements.

  • Advertising on both Facebook and Instagram.

  • Daily monitoring and adjustment of advertisements.


The process from start to finish looks like this:


  1. We gain access to the Facebook and Instagram pages through a request sent by us, enabling us to post as an agency. It's crucial that the creator of the Facebook page has the ability/offers to accept us.

  2. We link both platforms to the Meta Business Suite.

  3. We create a template for the posts, ensuring they adhere to the company's brand identity.

  4. We create 4 posts per month (for both Facebook and Instagram), shared in a content calendar on a Google Drive created by us. Here, posts can be viewed and adjusted by the company as needed.

  5. We set up campaigns for each post on both Facebook and Instagram.

  6. We check advertisements daily to determine any necessary adjustments.

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Why Effective?

At BeContent, we believe in a personalized approach that ensures we adopt the right strategy for each of our clients. Our team of experts in copywriting, graphic design, marketing strategy, and analysis collaborates closely under one roof, enabling us to pivot quickly and align our services seamlessly.


This integrated approach allows us to provide tailored solutions that are not only creative and appealing but also focused on achieving measurable results. With our broad expertise and commitment to quality, we ensure our clients achieve the best results with their online presence.

Cost Breakdown of Campaign

At BeContent, we strive for transparency and clarity in everything we do - including our pricing.


Template and Social Media Optimization

For a flying start to your online presence, we charge a one-time fee of €240,-. This includes the costs for a professionally designed template and setting up or optimizing your social media platforms. With this solid foundation, we ensure that your business attracts the attention it deserves.


Our standard package costs €400 per month, excluding an advertising budget. This package includes 4 posts per month on both platforms (including advertising campaigns). Each additional post per month (with a campaign) costs €100,-.

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Additional Costs

These are the costs that come on top of the standard package.


Advertising Budget

We understand that advertisements play a crucial role in increasing your online visibility. Therefore, we recommend a starting budget of at least €150,- per month for advertisements. Of course, the final amount depends on your specific needs and objectives. Together, we determine the best strategy to promote your brand most effectively.


Additional Services

If adjustments need to be made to the social media platforms and/or posts without advertising campaigns (such as announcements, adjusted opening hours, etc.), we charge a fixed hourly rate of €60,-.


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