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Portfolio Websites

Welcome to our portfolio, where you'll discover a diverse range of websites we've crafted for various clients. Many of them initially lacked a clear vision of their ideal website. We assisted them in making decisions regarding layout, branding, tone of voice, and image usage, resulting in unique websites that authentically reflect each brand. Explore our portfolio to get a glimpse of what we can offer and find inspiration for your own website.


The following top 3 websites were developed using WIX, harnessing the benefits of this flexible and user-friendly platform.

skyguide Wix website

SkyGuide International


For SkyGuide International, BeContent has crafted a tailor-made Wix website, transforming from logo and color palette to a comprehensive brand identity. With 13 pages in both Dutch and English, including mobile optimization, the site provides a seamless experience. BeContent will also handle social media marketing, focusing on enhancing the online presence and engagement for SkyGuide International.

Cozy Rentals Curacao


For the vacation rental company Cozy Rentals Curacao, which started in 2024, BeContent has developed a dynamic Wix website. Initially, we created a logo and corporate identity, followed by an 11-page website available in both English and Dutch. Additionally, there's the option to add new vacation homes to the Rental Options. BeContent also successfully manages social media marketing for this challenging niche.

casa maron Wix website

Casa Maron


For vacation rental property Casa Maron in Curaçao, BeContent has revitalized an outdated website. After 7 years without updates, we migrated the site to Wix, achieving not only a modern look but also incorporating dynamic elements. Through this transition, Casa Maron benefits from significant cost savings and the ability to effortlessly manage the site using the user-friendly Wix app.

Tropenwoning Nos Anker


BeContent has created a Wix website for the rental of the tropical residence 'Nos Anker' in Curaçao. This user-friendly website consists of four clear pages. On the booking page, a Google Calendar has been integrated, allowing the owners to effortlessly manage availability.

nos anker Wix website

Google Sites

Below, we present our top 3 selection of websites developed with Google Sites, perfect for those on a tight budget. This option is ideal for entrepreneurs seeking a cost-effective way to establish a professional online presence without additional features such as dynamic elements, extensive design options, and SEO.

Paddy's Curacao

Google One Page

Paddy’s Curaçao, a cozy brown pub, has opted for a Google One Page website. Aligned with their distinctive brand identity, we've crafted a concise yet informative website. BeContent has provided all essential information for potential guests in clear and engaging texts. Additionally, BeContent manages the Social Media Marketing for Paddy’s Curaçao.

Paddy's Google website
Yindee Google website

Yindee's Massage

Google One Page

BeContent has created a straightforward Google One Page for Yindee’s Massage. This was specifically requested by our client for a concise page with sections for About Us, Our Services, and Contact. Sometimes, simplicity is exactly what you need! In addition, we handle the social media marketing.

Discover Lagun

Google Site

BeContent not only wrote all the texts for 'Discover Lagun Grill Restaurant' but also opted for a Google Site. In this case, multiple pages were created, establishing a unique brand identity. BeContent has designed a concise yet informative website within this style. Additionally, we have taken care of the Social Media Marketing.

Discover Lagun Google website


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