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What is a Call to Action (CTA)?

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

You've likely come across the term often, but what exactly does a CTA entail? A Call to Action (CTA) is a marketing term that refers to the action you want your website visitor to take. This can range from buying a product to subscribing to a newsletter or downloading an e-book. The goal of a CTA is to persuade and motivate visitors to take action on your website. What can you do with it, and why might you want this marketing aspect handled by a professional?

Types of Call to Action

Let's first explore the different types of this term. Each business has its own target audience, tone of voice, and marketing objectives. Hence, different businesses require different CTAs. There are various types, but the most common ones include:

Direct Call to Action 

This type is straightforward and explicit. It asks (often using imperative language) for the action you want your audience to take. Direct CTAs work well when presented in an eye-catching manner, perhaps through the use of colors and other strong visual content.

  • Buy now

  • Sign up

  • Download for free

  • Book an appointment now

  • Register here for our event

Social Call to Action 

These CTAs aim at sharing your content on social media platforms to reach more people. These CTAs not only encourage engagement with your current audience but also help attract new audiences.

  • Share this post on Facebook

  • Tweet about it

  • Pin it on Pinterest

  • Share this image on Instagram

Guiding Call to Action

Guiding CTAs encourage visitors to learn more about your company by leading them to other pages on your website or encouraging them to contact you via phone or email. They often provide a clear structure to your website.

  • Read more

  • View our products

  • Contact us

  • Request a quote

Urgent Call to Action

Urgent CTAs instill a sense of urgency, compelling visitors to take quick action. By creating a feeling of scarcity, visitors are more inclined to follow the CTA. You often encounter this type when booking a flight ticket or on sites like and Amazon.

  • Limited stock

  • Last chance

  • Today-only discount

  • Order now before it's too late

Interactive Call to Action

Interactive CTAs actively engage visitors with your website or product. Examples include quizzes, polls, and surveys that encourage users to share their opinions and learn more about your company. These CTAs can also help gather valuable information about your audience, which you can then utilize for your next campaign.

  • Join our quiz

  • Vote for your favorite product

  • Fill out our survey

  • Share your opinion in the comments

Why Use a Call to Action on Your Website?

A good CTA is crucial for your website's success. It can assist in converting visitors into leads and customers, thereby increasing revenue. An effective CTA ensures visitors know what to do and why they should do it.

Clear CTAs can also enhance user-friendliness and the overall experience of your website visitors. By offering easy navigation and clear actions, visitors stay longer on your site (making purchases sooner) and become more engaged with your brand.

Why Outsource Call to Action to a Copywriter?

It's proven that well-written CTAs increase conversions, thus boosting your company's revenue. But why outsource this to a copywriter? While having CTAs is important, crafting them can be challenging. You need to consider which words or buttons will be effective for your audience. Hiring a copywriter can assist in creating effective CTAs that suit your brand and audience. Here are some benefits:

Copywriters possess expertise in language usage

A copywriter is trained and experienced in crafting persuasive texts and relevant content that prompt people to take action. They know how to select words that evoke emotions in the reader and persuade them to act. Additionally, they possess knowledge of psychology and marketing, enabling them to understand which words are effective and which are not.

Copywriters are creative

An effective CTA should stand out amidst other content on the page. Therefore, it should not only be effective but also playful and distinctive. This can be challenging if you lack experience in creative writing. A copywriter can offer new perspectives for your CTAs, enhancing their impact on the visitor.

Copywriters consider the target audience

A Call to Action only works if it aligns with the needs and interests of the audience. A copywriter understands how to address these needs and interests by considering demographic data, areas of interest, and other factors influencing your audience's behavior.

Copywriters ensure consistency

When you have multiple CTAs across different pages of your website, it's crucial for them to convey the same message and maintain a consistent style. A copywriter can ensure that all CTAs remain consistent in their message and style, thereby contributing to a professional appearance for your website.

In Conclusion

A copywriter possesses language expertise, creativity, understanding of the audience, knowledge of measuring conversions, and consistency. All these factors contribute to effective CTAs that result in more conversions and increased revenue for your business. Therefore, if you want your website to stand out and attract customers, consider outsourcing your Call to Actions to a professional copywriter.

BeContent: Assisting with Call to Action

A well-designed CTA is essential for persuading visitors to take action on your website. There are different types, including buttons, subscriptions, social media sharing, and form submissions. Having clear CTAs can improve the user-friendliness and overall experience of your website visitors. Hiring an experienced copywriter like BeContent ensures effective CTAs that align with your brand and audience.

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