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Success Stories

Welcome to our Success Stories page! Here we share some of our successful projects in the field of Social Media Marketing and Website Development. Discover how we have helped our clients improve their online presence and achieve their goals. Through these case studies, we demonstrate the strategies we have developed and executed that have led to measurable results. Explore below the impact we have had on various businesses and brands!



Case Study

STROOP, a unique business launched in November 2023 in Curaçao, focuses on selling fresh stroopwafels from their mobile cart, both as a catering service for events and parties and through selling stroopwafels in self-designed tins. BeContent created a Google Website for them as a sales funnel and designed a template for their social media posts.


To start posting, we also created the Facebook and Instagram accounts, including a professional banner, linking the socials, and completing the business information. We initially focused on Facebook. Thanks to our immediate start with Social Media Marketing campaigns, they received the first 3 bookings within 48 hours of launching.

Hard Numbers

Stroop reach.png
Stroop visits.png

As seen, in the first week, we achieved a significant reach of 6.8K people in Curaçao with the first post. Of those, 1.2K actually visited the new STROOP page. Additionally, 142 followers were added within a week.

Review - Aldwin Melfor | STROOP

After a very pleasant collaboration for the Carrière Kompas NL project, we decided to engage BeContent for the launch of our company STROOP in Curaçao. Our new concept, selling fresh stroopwafels from a mobile cart for events and parties, has been successfully marketed by BeContent with a website featuring clear texts and effective social media marketing. Within 48 hours of launching the first campaign, we already had 3 bookings. Simply fantastic!

Discover Lagun

logo lagun transparant.png

Case Study

A restaurant on the west coast of Curaçao, where it's less crowded, was initially skeptical about Social Media Marketing due to doubts about its added value. After deciding to work with BeContent, we developed a Google Website as a sales funnel and created a template to promote the weekly specials on social media. After our first campaign to promote a special, the number of reservations that week increased from the usual 5 to an impressive 20. This illustrates the power of a strong online presence and effective use of Social Media Marketing.

Hard Numbers

Lagun reach.png
Lagun visits.png

The reach in the first week of our campaign is 6.7K, and the number of Facebook page visits of Discover Lagun has increased from 0 to 992. Additionally, 57 new followers were added in that week.

Review - Robbert | Discover Lagun

Thanks to the collaboration with BeContent, we have taken our restaurant in the west of Curaçao to new heights. With their thoughtful social media strategies, we have not only strengthened our online presence but also expanded our reach among both local residents and tourists. This has resulted in a significant increase in reservations.


Previously, tourists often only found us towards the end of their vacation, but thanks to BeContent, we now have greater visibility, even among visitors who normally stay on the east side of the island. Their professional approach has helped us grow our business, and we are very grateful for that.


logo caribelaw.jpg

Case Study

CaribeLAW, a law firm that opened its doors in February 2024, wanted to make a splash on social media before the official opening. BeContent took this on by creating a Facebook and Instagram account, designing a template in the firm's style, and creating a content calendar for 4 posts per month. We also launched a Social Media Marketing campaign in the first week of January.


Soon after, we received a panicked message from the owner, asking to temporarily pause the campaign because they couldn't handle the influx of requests. Fortunately, the office is now ready for the success that comes with effective Social Media Marketing. We see a steady growth in followers, multiple incoming messages, and significant interaction on the posts.

Hard Numbers

CaribeLAW reach.png
CaribeLAW visits.png

The newly created Facebook account of CaribeLAW already had a reach of 7.7K in the first week. Subsequently, there were 411 visitors to the page. Additionally, the page gained 83 new followers in that week.

Review | Astrid Noest | CaribeLAW

As the owner of CaribeLAW, I initially had no idea of the potential of Social Media Marketing. When we decided to work with BeContent for our online presence, I could never have imagined how much success it would bring. After the launch of our social media campaign, we quickly received an enormous amount of requests.


It was a bit of a shock, but soon I realized that this was exactly what we had hoped for. BeContent has helped us fully leverage the power of social media and grow our online presence. I am incredibly pleased with the results and look forward to continuing our collaboration!


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